‘A Toast’ ~Akanksha – Vol. I, Issue 4

Student Speaks




To other planets

to dreams of another league

to people with no nose

and a heart with extra beats

to distant closeness

and seas that go high

and mountains

that crumble into the sky

to the unknown hero

and the one who demystified his fame

the ignominy his claim

eyes his artillery

to the smell of heat on the open terrace

and the air of strangeness

to the guilt of hidden songs

and words that never

escaped the pupils

to the time that tricked us

and the tunes that hit

like the first drag

to the darn scholar who said

better unspoken than misunderstood

better into the heart

than only on the skin

to the absence of heart

into the heart

to the silence

in the smiles

to the empty hours


to the hints that passed down the cubicles

plain desires crude

like animals

to the dreams that are beastly

and the real which is plastic

to the gore in the godly

to the could have

and would have

and what ifs

to the first time

I realized you were staring at me

and to today when

I’ll stare back

for one last time.

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