Fiction: The Oracle of Silent Days

By Abhirup Das
Her Quiet Burial

The black shadow of death had slithered away into the darkness of the night. A veil of pallor had lightly fallen over her beautiful face, she seemed so alive, but the frigid sheen of mortality had stolen her away…and then, she was gone…six feet into the deep…into a world from where there was no return. She had fluttered into my life like a butterfly in the winds of March, she was so delicate, so fragile…I was afraid to touch her for the fear that I might break her.

She was a lovely girl, and so she lived a life worth living for, a life worth dying for…she would sing me her lullabies, when sleep eluded my company, and now she is asleep…and I am still awake. She has gone beyond all existence, and I can’t hope to meet her once again.

My soul rages at the heavens, my heart is dying for her love. What a cruel destiny!…that a girl like her should die of cancer while sinners like me keep living our much accursed lives…to see our love slowly dying, to quietly see her melt away, to hear her words of strength and weakness…until she is able to speak no more…

Tonight, I feel a deep numbness down my heart…and the coldness catches up with me…in the middle of this scorching summer night. I don’t really know what to hold sacred anymore. Love is all I ever asked for, and my Gods took that away from me. Oh! What did I do to incur such wrath from the Heavens? Which heartless God knows no compassion…even for a sinful soul like me?

I am in despair; this darkness engulfs all the light of my universe. Yet I cannot cry; not even when my eyes are burning with grief. Or when my blood is freezing in my veins…No, I cannot cry. Who can console me, but death, today? Who can take my pain away? The sleeping pills take me into the forgetfulness of my dreams, where she lives with me. And each morning brings a sharp pang of reality; just as it renews the sunlight and the birdsongs…every dawn brings me a terrible heartache and nothing else…nothing else.

I roam through empty parks and streets when the day is dead and the night is old. Her memories return to haunt me…breaking me, and taking me, by surprise. Yet she is cold and motionless…she decays beneath the graveyard ground. I travel to new lands and I gaze at the sea, there’s just loneliness in each shore, and I lack her sweet serenity. Where are you, my nightingale? I call out to my own emptiness. I think that she’ll call out to me from beyond the beyond, but this time, there’s no reply.

In this overcrowded world, I am all alone. Alone, among the forests; alone, among the mountain trees; alone among the market streets…alone in a world of the living. I feel like Orpheus…who’d lost his lover Eurydice, and chased her to the depths of Hades’ Realm…and finding her he lost her again. I want to believe in fairytales, trust me; my greatest desire is a fantasy.

Do you want to hear me? It’s very…kind of you. No one cares about the barely living…not about their hunger, their grief or loss.

Until I waste my remaining days in my dreams of her memories…I will go on ranting. There is no remedy for this madness, except death, sweet death, which shall be my saviour, my own messiah to shepherd me, from this world of untold misery.
I scream at the world:
“Who am I to deviate from God’s will? I cannot change the past, and that is not my desire, I want to change the future…I want her back in my life…take my sorrow or take my life. Return me those days of love, when I held her…her skin…so soft against mine…my bones are strong, they can withstand what my heart cannot…it is broken…it is shattered…is there a way to fix it?

Do I ask for success? Or lust? Or wealth? All I ask for is my lost love…is that too much I ask? Return me my bride! Bring her back from paradise! I seek not her love, I seek not her virginity…all I seek is her company.”

My soul is torn but I can’t be shattered, for the hands of God have pulverised me.

Only silence calls back from the wilderness.

No Cure: Poem

No Cure

By Jessie Sond


This is all wrong but its undoubtedly true

This thing I feel every time I see you

None of this was supposed to happen

But this thing rushes through my veins like poison


I do realize that I’m on the wrong highway

And I know that in the end my feelings will be betrayed

But now I cant help the way I feel

Now its too late, its just too real


There’s no way I can get you out of my mind

I guess now I know why they say love is blind

All I know is that you are cemented in my heart

You’ll always be in my memories even if we’re apart


I don’t know what to do about it

Its not something I can easily quit

You’ve hit me hard just like a bullet

My heart seems like an airplane and you like its pilot


I cant stop dreaming about you

I find you in my thoughts no matter what I do

I cant even hide from it all, I cant run away

I don’t know what to expect anymore, there’s nothing left to say


It seems so wrong but feels so right

Its as warm as a candle on a dark cold night

Your love is toxic but absolutely irresistible

Its just too strong, its more than I can handle


Each time you look at me I feel my heart bouncing

I almost forget how to breathe when I see you smiling

You rule my heart and that’s for sure

Now the love bug has bitten me, there’s no cure

Love or Hate: Poem

Love or Hate

By Jessie Sond


Just love the way you lie

Love the way you hurt me

Love the way you said goodbye

Love the way you betrayed me


Love the way you made me believe in you

Love the way you never actually cared

Love the way you lied about loving me too

Love all those lies that you shared


Love the way you treated me like a fool

Love the way you made all those fake promises

Love the way you just used me like a tool

Love the way you included me in your choices


Love the way you used to touch

Love the way I thought I could forget you

Love the way I hate you so much

Hate the way I’ll always love you

Wings of Hope: Poem

Wings of Hope

By Atri Majumder


I am trying I will keep on trying

To mend the ways of my devious world,

I am living I will go on living

Till shadows fall upon the face of the dawn.


Oh! Don’t bottle up the rain,

Let the rivers flood these arid lands,

Don’t fall back into the abyss,

Don’t be history repeating itself,

Let the curiosity get better of us,

Let the mists of happiness set upon this earth.


There is no distinction as to what happens to whom,

There is no justification as to why they happen;

So just let it be so

So just let the ice flow,

Into the oceans we once feared

Into the streets we couldn’t cross.




Voices of Impurity: Poem

Voices of Impurity

By Atri Majumder


We try to feel more than just water from the rain,

We throw away the sun, we lose the light

We complicate the simplest of emotions,

We are polluting the ether, bleeding out the clouds,

We are pushing away the world

To the point of extinction-again and again.


Ignorant, a tired futility creeps on us

Lost pieces of the individual self trying to crowd,

We are always trying to gain control

While the inaudible voices are reaching the stars

Burning out the soul in our self-made purgatory.