Book Review: Delhi – 14 Historical Walks

This book authored by Swapna Liddle is a product of putting in loads of time while taking a ‘walking’ route to the most famous monuments of the city of Delhi. The book is a complete package with the details about how to reach the place, the historical background and a step-by-step walk through the place. For the convenience of the tourists, who are not so familiar with the locale, the author has also given information about the issues concerning parking facility, nearest metro station, basic amenities available there and important things to be carried. Special tips (if any), events organized at the particular place and other important bits of news are the highlights of every story.
As the reader goes through the chapter, he feels as if he is himself walking through that monument. One gets a feel of that place; such is the impact of the printed word. An additional benefit of the book is that along with guiding you to the particular place, it also provides you an eye-view into the glorious past and history of the concerned monument or place. The illustrations add to the beauty of the content of the book and also enhance the quality of the information given. The glossary and the timeline of events given at the end of the book are especially very useful. The book not only provides the historical context but also information about the architectural significance. And what adds to the utility value is that the method of describing the architectural characteristics is such as makes it very easy for even a novice reader. The utility of this book not only relevant for the tourists; it will also come to the aid of locals, students of History. It is suitable for all age-groups, both youngsters and adults.
There a few things that might make the reader a bit hesitant in categorizing the book in the best books category. And those deterring factors include a few misprints here and there. The book makes poor reading from point of view of the quality of language used – it is poor on punctuation, there are few grammatical errors too and flaws in sentence structures. The language used in the book is a very simple one but that point can be justified by the fact that this is not a literary piece of work. It is just a compilation of information about different heritage monuments with a view to inspire people to walk to those places to enjoy their beauty.
Overall, we can say that this book is not just for adorning your drawing room bookshelf. It will occupy a place of utility, or might be an important part of your travel bag. Hence, it might make your tourism and journey all the more informative and enjoyable. This will enable you to have a well-guided tour even without a guide.
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