Book Review: ‘Love Among the Bookshelves’ by Ruskin Bond

‘Love among the Bookshelves’: Ruskin Bond


Rs. 299

Pages: 185

Ruskin-Bond-2“It wasn’t a bookshop, or a library, or a great-aunt’s hoard of romantic novels that made me a reader; it was the week I spent in a forest rest house, in what is now the Rajaji sanctuary, between Hardwar and Dehradun.”

If looked at a literary way with acute sense of digging out literature from every nook and corner of the world, this statement might be one of the most inspiring sentences that could be used to promote the book culture. Bookshops and libraries are the major sources of books or it might be sheer good luck that one might get good wealth of books from an ancestor.

The book in hand ‘Love among the Bookshelves’ is a compilation of inspiring extracts from the most cherishable books of all times and some of the forgotten classics, which have been stories he grew up with.

Bond as usual has a very interesting style of narrating and connecting things, especially when he tries to relate to the situation that served as a prelude to his ending up reading a particular book. After all, what could be more inspiring than telling the children that he spent all his pocket money in obtaining a particular book and then not being disappointed!

The book is partly Bond’s memoir, partly an anthology. Having written more than five hundred works, Bond is already an established favourite amongst not only children and youth but among adults as well. He has something for every age in each one of his book. The same holds true for this book as well. On the one hand, where this book works towards promoting book culture and serves as an effective source of inspiration for children; on the other hand, it also helps the reader to related to the life and likes of young Bond, who is now one of the most established Indian English authors.

The book is definitely an interesting reading and recommended for all age groups! Happy Reading!

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