Book Review: ‘Workout Your Soul’


By Amritbir Kaur

Reading the book ‘Workout Your Soul’ is like looking within, talking to your inner-self. The book takes you along to an inward journey and you emerge out a pure, washed, somewhat cleansed soul because the book you the noble path to reach the destination – the destiny of refining of your soul. The book revolves around the thought, “A strong, undeterred virtuous soul is the key to universal faith – not rigid, dogmatic religion.”sonia singh

Sonia Singh, the author of this book, has very meticulously planned the arrangement of the chapters beginning from ‘What is Universal Religion’ and precisely ending it with ‘Forgiveness with Positive Outlook’. A very noticeable feature of the book is the way the chapters are entitled; for instance, ‘The Ticker of Goodness Within’ or ‘The Kill of Money’ – such titles not only inspire but also tempt you to read. The writing style of the book is interesting. We feel as if we are being addressed individually and this is what helps to bind the reader and keep him glued to the book.

Finally I would simply say it is a book you won’t put down before you finish reading it thoroughly. And it’s not because it is a small book with just 96 pages, which is also a plus-point, but because it presents before us the essence without any repetitions and dragged narrations.

The language of the book is simple and easy to understand, which construes that there won’t be any obstruction on your path to self-reflection. There is clarity of thought in the manner in which it has been portrayed and presented in the book. It seems that the author had the courage of conviction while writing this book, which makes the book all the more authentic and impressive. The book is like a whiff of fresh air amidst the mundane life of a common man, who doesn’t even observe all the things around, let alone looking within.

About the Author:

Sonia Singh is an author, who started out by writing poems during her schooling. She won accolades as a debater at the University level. She has a Master’s degree in Chemistry and Education. She was an editor for a science magazine and editor-in-chief for the Quarterly News during her teaching career. She wrote this book for her kids so they will remember to remain in that “regular workout (that) gives you an admirable body, similarly working out your soul can give you an exemplary soul.”

About the Book:

The 96-page book ‘Workout Your Soul’, divided into eighteen chapters, has been published by Petals Publishers and Distributors with an impressive cover display photograph and well-spaced and easy to read print and good quality printing too.

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