Butterfly and Bee

Butterfly and The Bee

Butterfly & The Bee …your literary angels is a hub for all authors/readers/writers/publishers. We are a platform that acts as a bridge for authors/readers/writers so they can meet, greet, promote their work and mingle within the Indian literary Circle. We invite authors and writers to showcase their talents and achievements. We are here to make ‘You’ Authors, Writers and more, shine like Superstars. We also provide avenues to publishers and literary agencies to find new talents and connect with writers and authors. For our readers, we give you an opportunity to enjoy the experience of book reading like never before and become a part of the largest network of the literary world.

Why Butterfly & The Bee…

When it comes to words like – calm, balanced, inspiring, clarity, gentleness, excitability, flexibility, beautiful, vibrant …We can easily relate them to Butterflies.

And what about Bee? …Well as Bee ripens honey rapidly …we are here to help authors ripen rapidly and make their presence felt in the Indian Literary World and also turn them into celebrities …our superstars.

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 Sumit Sehgal (Director / Founder) – A professional writer with more than five years of experience in the field of creative writing. Experience in strategic brainstorming, campaign developments, project designing and execution with collaborative team of designers, copywriters, informative architects, content analysts and other production specialist, to make projects a huge success! Sumit being involved in theatre work also has expertise in different writing styles and poetry with a twist.


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