A Farewell


Meeting and parting have always been a part and parcel of life. Although both are sides of the same coin yet one gives pleasure while other is a source of pain and grief. Farewell is one such occasion where our grief of parting is garnished with best wishes for the life ahead of the one going away. We also reminisce about the memories the person leaves behind for us to cherish. What we all can do that we can pray for her to move ahead in life with courage and lots of optimism. Here I would like to recite a poem. The poem is called ‘Prayer’ written by Amritbir:


God give me the courage

to surge ahead

and not inch forward

towards the long lost dreams;

a chance to fulfill

dreams I cherished

and wipe away the broken bits.

Reaffirm the faith in man,

of man’s goodness and goodwill.

Give me the wisdom to know

what is right,

and mettle to mend the wrong.

Let me not fall flat

on the mountains of hope,

let me see the light bright

at the end of the dark, dreary tunnel.

Give me the days when I am

unfazed by the obstacles,

unmoved by the setbacks,

and unscathed by the stones thrown.

Let me just move on…


Poem: Blue’s Disguise

By Bakul Sharma

This is where I guess
the blood meets the ground.
Unwise labyrinths on the
chest of the hill,
like an old, wrinkled face.
Iris coloured giants, horizon
with the blue wintered sky.
Sun filling into my eyes
like a giant, diamond haze.
Was there a river too?
Omniscient, transparent.
Beauty lies in the green
yet my fear resembles
the light-eyed monster,
with shredded hands, the trees.
Deep and clear but in
every breath a new emotion,
evolved and murdered,
by no one else but me.
I decomposed the core,
myself, in swettering
heat, with air still beside
and melted out to myself
the dark reality,
a mere blue’s disguise.


Four Poems: Christopher Barnes


Poem I:

A Tickling Divorce



For Partials (Seal & Protect)

As A Partial Denture Wearer

You Want To Help Protect

Your Remaining Natural Teeth

By Following A Good Oral Care Routine

Every Day.

Using Polygrip For Partials Can Help.


Back-jumped at the elbow-room

Of having the bolt-hole to herself.


“Most will attempt to raise several broods

     Each year”


Finger-wagging…window shopping the calendar’s

Do-nothing blanks.


     “Provided climate conditions allow”

 It’s explicit she’s free as air.

“The breeding season of these birds”

 Mrs. Lother pouts, grins;

The mail packet’s chirruped to the kerb

And the postman also smiles.


By Christopher Barnes, UK

QUOTES: Gene Planker


Poem II:

Sand Fly Bites


Mr. Newberry bleats

Uncoupling eyelids,

On a Tasmanian Devil print bed-slip.


     “The foreigner and the citizen”


A Francis Ford Coppola moon’s PVC framed.


“Migration with a long history of control”


Whirling in Polygresis lamp

Smacks of background – no riddance tonight.


     “Restrictions and punishments previously imposed”


Besides, these small hours tiptoe. Bloat.



Home Baking

Lemon Juice

Made With Pure Lemon Juice

From Concentrate,

Perfect For Pancakes



By Christopher Barnes, UK

QUOTES: Centre On Migration, Policy & Society


Poem III:



Entanglements for Iris, footed all overstepping,

Defaulting to baiting postures.


“In the longer term alcohol is a depressant”


The Credulous Fool plunged into mist-yellow,

A wall of beating time. Twinkling fizz.


“In recent years

     There has been a discernable growth

     In ‘binge drinking”


Clumped on decking, mismarried John was huffed

At how uncannily her eyes

Free-willed from his to hers.



 Boots Pharmaceuticals – Wound Dressings Are Highly Absorbent

And They Have A Low Adherent Surface

Which Means They Do Not Stick To Your Wounds.



  1. Gently Clean The Wound
  2. Apply The Dressing To The Wound.
  3. Secure The Dressing In Place With A Dressing Tape Or Bandage.
  4. Apply Fresh Dressing As Required


By Christopher Barnes, UK

QUOTES: Birmingham City Council


Poem IV:

Grey Days Respite


Cliff Boxer’s dandruff was shoulder-to-shoulder.


“Individuals who tend to disregard and violate

     The rights of others”


Hedge-hop neighbours made wrong-footed dins,

Plonking hands, shedding tools

As fight-spoiling quick-changed to spats.


     “An enduring pattern of experience”


His whys nor wherefores were unflinching

And the embodiment of his better half

Flummoxed the jury.


“Egregious, harmful, or dangerous behaviour”




Coast & Country Holidays

Cottage Or Hotel Breaks In Rural Durham

Northumberland And Durham


Blue Beach Hotel – Amble

Flate Park Hotel – Co. Durham


By Christopher Barnes, UK

QUOTES: Psychology Today

‘Masks People Wear’: Divyakshi

masks people wear

A beautiful lie

A hurtful truth

A bitter smile

A fake tear

A deceitful confession

A pretentious obsession

You are unaware

Of the masks people wear


A brilliant show of goodness

Malignant thoughts

An insincere prayer

Nonchalant care

The truth does scare

the masks people wear


Innocent face.

Intentions amaze.

The one who hurts tries to mend

An enemy in the guise of a friend

You stand.. unaware

Of the masks people wear.


Cheatful love.

False words.

Celebrating a win.

Jealous within.

sugar outside.

Spite inside.

You thought its care..

*Sigh*! The masks people wear!


Tumbles one day the pack of lies

Enlightened you realise.

The beautiful picture is morphed..

People don’t change their masks come off.

‘Detachment’: Avinash Dev


It’s not easy for me to put the genteel screen between us in the name of conduct,

And it kills to behave sane in the wilderness of my love and lust for you


Neither is it easy to hold back from tasting those lips which I always wanted to quench my thirst

And near to impossible to stay afloat in those deep eyes of yours that draws me in like a whirlpool


The eternal fire of love could only be allayed in your bosoms

For the savage in me does not understand the ways of the civilized


Your heat would what can alleviate my fervor and nerves could be cooled when feeling the wetness

Music of your heart is what my ears seek in a world where theres only You and I


Your ear lobes between my lips while we struggle to find our feet

You over me and I over you, fight for who over the top ceases to stop


Take me in and keep me there for I sense heaven

Feel my passion tremors and relieve me from this prison


That’s the mind of the barbarian, who does not see the educated ways

Distance yourself before the devil takes over


In his world there are no strings attached

Better for you if you stay detached



Vol. 2, I-iv & Vol.3, I-i