Poem: The Seasons Within

By Divyakshi Gupta


The seasons within

Fiery anger

Scorching words

Heated arguments..

Unsatiated thirst.


Dusty everything.

Its summer within.


Drops of joy

Lashing over the heart

Green cover

Refreshed soul

As if born again


Showers dissolving everything

Its raining within


Chilling silence

Icy hearts

Yearning for warmth

Longer nights


A frosty mask over everything

Its winter within


Blossomed buds

Scentful flowers

Colourful paths

Fresh beginnings


Beauty in everything.

It’s spring within


Akin to the shades of a tree

Every phase is temporary

Just like the seasons within me

just like the seasons within me…


By Anirban Mukerji


During the next 40 years

these chance meetings,

phone calls and SMSs  will add up


when you are 85

and I am 84

We can say

that we have been together

for just about a month now


By Atri Majumdar


An indomitable curiosity,

Striving,attaining perfection

And again obliteraring-

A circle of futility

A myriad of explosions,

Outbursts of passion.


Unreasonable yet still seeking

Haunting pleasures undefined

Nights lost in carnality,

Dizzy days-uncanny, superficial;

Intoxicating sleep of nightmares

Grasping time in space.


Vast, infinite, yet constricted,

Returning to etched pains,

Hope burning-flickering stars;

Round and round, again and again

Visions replayed, hallucinating.

No Cure: Poem

No Cure

By Jessie Sond


This is all wrong but its undoubtedly true

This thing I feel every time I see you

None of this was supposed to happen

But this thing rushes through my veins like poison


I do realize that I’m on the wrong highway

And I know that in the end my feelings will be betrayed

But now I cant help the way I feel

Now its too late, its just too real


There’s no way I can get you out of my mind

I guess now I know why they say love is blind

All I know is that you are cemented in my heart

You’ll always be in my memories even if we’re apart


I don’t know what to do about it

Its not something I can easily quit

You’ve hit me hard just like a bullet

My heart seems like an airplane and you like its pilot


I cant stop dreaming about you

I find you in my thoughts no matter what I do

I cant even hide from it all, I cant run away

I don’t know what to expect anymore, there’s nothing left to say


It seems so wrong but feels so right

Its as warm as a candle on a dark cold night

Your love is toxic but absolutely irresistible

Its just too strong, its more than I can handle


Each time you look at me I feel my heart bouncing

I almost forget how to breathe when I see you smiling

You rule my heart and that’s for sure

Now the love bug has bitten me, there’s no cure