The Touched Untouchable: Poem


By Angad Saluja


The King of the Jungle

A declaration by the Humans

Who didn’t spare themselves too!


Brahims, Ksystriyas, Vaisyas and Shudras

A world divided into colours

Dalits, being the darkest one


The same people told me stories

Hatred, they preached for the Britishers

For their discrimination of the skin


Did we get any better now?

Ignorance spreading from mind to society

Hatred flowing and increasing its pace


One creator and same formation

Work cannot be the base, my owner

To term me an “Untouchable”


Yes, I do filter the surroundings

For you to live healthy

For your children to breathe clean




But you my friend

Took this work as a weakness

And gave me the worst piece of your mind


Step in my shoes once

Stand in front of the mirror

And you’ll see “God resides in all”.

Eternal Bliss: Poem


By Vijay Kumar Roy


With spirit of Savitri

Devotion of Sita

Sacrifice of Urmila and

Learning of Vidyottama

She enlightens me

With her innovative wisdom.


An embodiment of Radha

Who had no enmity with Gopis,

She is an absolute example

Of a modern woman.


Standing straight

Against the wind of fears

Pain and pleasure don’t influence her.


Having imbibed the values:

Personal, social, moral and professional,

She best exemplifies

A true wife, mother and professional.


Meeting once one is captured

In a mesh

Of her virtues

That suffice for eternal bliss.

Transition: Poem


By Vijay Kumar Roy


Sandwiched between two cultures:

Her own and that of the West

She is unable to pave the way

For her progeny to embrace peace.


The current of her river had been very strong

But the mighty Mughals and British changed its course,

They mixed the sugar and salt

And made her heterogeneous.


The obstinacy of heterodox takes lives each day

Suicide, rape, murder have crossed the limits

The ghastly diseases have weakened the pillars of democracy

And fresh air has fear of strong wind.


Each dream of a Messiah gets broken

Ravanas have broadened their empires,

Love and fraternity fear of brutality

Can we call it an inevitable transition of humanity?

Poem: ‘Love the way…’

The Literary Jewels
Vol. 2, Issue 3


Love the Way


Just love the way you lie

Love the way you hurt me

Love the way you said goodbye

Love the way you betrayed me


Love the way you made me believe in you

Love the way you never actually cared

Love the way you lied about loving me too

Love all those lies that you shared


Love the way you treated me like a fool

Love the way you made all those fake promises

Love the way you just used me like a tool

Love the way you included me in your choices


Love the way you used to touch

Love the way I thought I could forget you

Love the way I hate you so much

Hate the way I’ll always love you

Poem – ‘Life is no Win! Or Is it?’ ~ Koketso M. Marishane


Vol. 2, Issue 1



Too much heat burns
Too much cold freezes
Too much water drowns you
And no water kills you

A poor man sleeps with a hungry stomach
A rich man don’t sleep at all

It’s interesting for rich people to see how poor people live
It’s also interesting for poor people to see how hard rich people work

Time is a killer
Time is a healer
And life is no win.