Special Feature: The First Poems


Vol. 2, Issue 1

This feature contains the first poems of the poets. Just like the first love, the first poem is always cherished. Enjoy reading them!

1. ‘Death’ ~Yaseen Anwer

2. ‘Mystical Angel’ ~ Vittaldas Prabhu

3. ‘Dawn to Dusk’ ~ Priyanka Dey

4.’Love Song of a Journey Man’ ~ Vihang A. Naik

5. ‘The Golden Age’ ~Kanwarinder Singh Rana

6. ‘Life is no Win! Or Is it?’ ~ Koketso M. Marishane

7. ‘Hope’ ~ Nalini Priyadarshni

8. ‘Life’ ~ Shalini Samuel

9. ‘Sisters not in Blood’ ~ Heena Ahuja

Haiku: Manu Kant

Poetry: Vol. 2, Issue 1



 1) telling my daughter about the Soviet Union-

I begin with

once upon a time


 2) at the opticians–

I switch sides for a better

view of her nose pin


3) Black Skin, White Masks*-

I watch my 8-yr-old dress up

as a Barbie


(*Frantz Fanon 1952)


 4) looking up

from the rubbish bin–

pearly eyes of a ragpicker kid


 5) Marx on hold–

my 8-yr-old daughter

still obsessed with Barbie


 6) 45* heat–

the old rickshaw puller

just a splodge on the landscape


 7) barely on his legs–

the street kid already adept

at hunting

8) God is everywhere–

in my town

panhandlers at every corner


9) you swear by your Santa–

I have seen kid ragpickers

giving our world a second chance


 10) a heart on my cappuccino–

I pour the right amount

of sugar over it


 11) 47th birthday-

my daughter counts the years

I am older to her


 12) a beggar girl

her Cinderella looks–

may some prince find her

13) even for a beggar –

his hands

the most useful


 14) me & my daughter


for just seven years


 15) begging–

the coin melts

in the beggar’s hand

Poem – ‘Confession’: Pawan Jha

Poetry: Vol. 2, Issue 1




I confess that I smoke,

When my determination broke,

And deadly pain amok,

When jumping for a crown,

I slipped and fell down,

Trembling with pain and crawling beneath,

Kissing my lips is the vicious stick.



I confess that I smoke,

When on a sunny day a dysphoric shadow falls on me,

And I don’t want to give it up or let it be,

When chasing after life I fell and hurt my Knee,

Then I took a long puff of smoke to set me free.


I confess that I smoke,

When my heart sinks in the sea of tears,

When my mind swims to escape from fear,

When I want to climb up and forget all rear,

I smell the smoke and my life acts to cheer.


I confess that I smoke,

When my heart screams,

But mouth shuts,

When eyes speak,

But voice struck,

When there are thousand of feeling and very few words,

I burnt my lips and penned it up.


It is said that smoking kills,

But it gives my life a great zeal,

To my wounded heart it acts like a pill,

It cures me and my life and so it will never kill.


Poem – ‘Fireflies’: Gyan Ban

Poetry: Vol. 2, Issue 1



When I wait for you in those lonesome nights,

When the sun doesn’t shine ever so bright,

When the moonlight hides somewhere in the skies,

Hope floats in just like fireflies.


When sleep would sulk and eyes sink,

When pillows would fight and dreams shrink,

When the sheets wouldn’t flutter in the skies,

Tears would watch those fireflies.



I ride on horses with flying wings,

And fly away with the melancholy swings,

In a dreamer’s dreams,and touch doesn’t lie,

Floating with the fireflies.


Like the bed-sheet sails, and the wooden box,

The jungle trails,and the lonely rocks.

Like swaying trees,and the caressing breeze,

Dew drops on grass and fireflies tease.


The night’s gone and the dawn is near,

My dreams are over, and the reality is clear.

Mornings never show the day,

But come darkness again,fireflies will light my way.





Poem – ‘Memories’: Aditi

Poetry – Vol. 2, Issue 1



Memories of last rain were still clouding my mind.

And here it is…raining yet again.

The last rain came with a heavy storm of despair..

Everything broken in such a way, that’s difficult to repair

I had made a promise to myself then,

I would always keep indoors,

won’t let anyone cause me a damage again…

As I was lying in my bed, feeling little scared

listening to the raindrops on my window pane and thundering clouds.

It was all black-except flashes of hope when the lightning ate the darkness.

In those flashes I saw a Silhouette.

It was a silhouette for sure, but felt as if it was smiling at me.

I got scared even more.

I had kept my doors shut. How did it enter?

I didn’t want to get carried away again

I didn’t want to drench in tears again

I didn’t want to hear my heart thumping again..

I lay there silently; just watching, .not making a move

but it was there. Coming closer.

it still didn’t say anything. just smiled.

The darkness began to settle the rain had also stopped..

And the sun had started to peep from, between the clouds.

I saw a Rainbow.

The light filled my room; the silhouette had a face now

Pleasant, charming and smiling..

I felt peace within myself, contented by its presence..

I wasn’t scared any more.

I was ready to let the memories of last rain sway by.

I was ready to feel the rain and the rainbow again.

But I was still wondering that how did it enter through my closed doors.

And then I realized that love doesn’t knock doors before entering our hearts!