Poem: Blue’s Disguise

By Bakul Sharma

This is where I guess
the blood meets the ground.
Unwise labyrinths on the
chest of the hill,
like an old, wrinkled face.
Iris coloured giants, horizon
with the blue wintered sky.
Sun filling into my eyes
like a giant, diamond haze.
Was there a river too?
Omniscient, transparent.
Beauty lies in the green
yet my fear resembles
the light-eyed monster,
with shredded hands, the trees.
Deep and clear but in
every breath a new emotion,
evolved and murdered,
by no one else but me.
I decomposed the core,
myself, in swettering
heat, with air still beside
and melted out to myself
the dark reality,
a mere blue’s disguise.



By Ekagrata Singh


Very fiendish to explain

And don’t know, the bond I had with her

I turned into tears

So as I read

‘She was made ratty by six devils’

Broke the world into forlorn, shirty for the evil

‘Horrific saga occurred in moving bus

Onrush bus passed from posh areas.

Louts came to their line,

Want fracas with her friend

With this, the 27 year and 23 years old girl objected

A consequence made was a threat to her life.

They raped her twice,

Metal rod insertion into her,

Devils not ended with all this, insidious.

The two were thrown side at moving road,

With no coverings

In this chilly winter.

The blood oozed from their wound.

Both were made rushed to hospital.

Trauma was insanitary.

She shifted to Singapore for insatiable health.’

So as I was sleeping in forlorn chilly winter morning,

Running radio, extreme silence

All my ears accepted a voice of a radio

‘She is no more’

The world sobbed and so I too.

But all is

She was a brave heart.

Who passed those thirteen horrible days

Those last thirteen days of her.

Near, far, wherever she is

She will be very happy.

She slept forever.

But in all hearts

She is there.

Yeah! She is still there.

May her spirit lies in harmony.



by Baldeep Grewal

Call this a rant if you will or the fruitless ponderings of a young, naïve mind that doesn’t know any better! I see this as a confession. A confession of how much the silence of my own country suffocates me. A confession made because my own silence was killing me. When people ask me what I want to do after graduating my immediate response is ‘get out of this country’. I love Delhi! I really do but sometimes I get so sick of this city, its people, this whole country. I hate the silence of those who need to speak up and I detest the babble of those who need to shut up. It’s so suffocating that I can hardly breathe.

I want to know what it feels like to wear shorts and not feel perverts stare at you. I want to know what it’s like to walk down a clean street. I want to know how it feels to walk out feeling good about yourself with the wind in your hair and not be crushed by cheap comments whispered in your ears by strangers. There is so much that is so wrong – the patriarchy, the system, the silence, the roaring violence, the society. That girl, who was gang raped and murdered back in December was no different than me. She was a fan of Enrique Iglesias. She had dreams. For once she stood up for her honour and look where that got her. None of the women and men, who endure actions that betray humanity deserve this, none of them deserve to be forgotten. Just because I’m silent doesn’t mean I’ve nothing to say. I’m silent because in this city of anonymity speaking up gets you killed. I’m not afraid of dying, I just don’t want to die for a lost cause. My death would change nothing. Worst part is I don’t know what to do about any of this.

I’m not suggesting that America or Canada are utopias. All I know is this country, this geographical space is too sad for me to bear. I’ve failed to harden myself against this daily butchering of humanity, where I can’t offer a piece of chocolate to someone because they are of a ‘lower’ caste and might misunderstand my friendliness as pity. This country of Gods is burdened with too many demons. Every year Republic Day or Independence Day rolls around and they ask me to ‘love my India’. How can I love a nation that is so faithful to its idolatry gods but is unfaithful to Humanity?

Poem: ‘Love the way…’

The Literary Jewels
Vol. 2, Issue 3


Love the Way


Just love the way you lie

Love the way you hurt me

Love the way you said goodbye

Love the way you betrayed me


Love the way you made me believe in you

Love the way you never actually cared

Love the way you lied about loving me too

Love all those lies that you shared


Love the way you treated me like a fool

Love the way you made all those fake promises

Love the way you just used me like a tool

Love the way you included me in your choices


Love the way you used to touch

Love the way I thought I could forget you

Love the way I hate you so much

Hate the way I’ll always love you

Student Speaks – Poem ‘Dark Lights’: Baldeep






Christmas lights, blink off the walls.
Shatter, shatter. Shattering me.
Blinking off walls, they look so lonely.
A constant shiver that never melts away.
Like a spine of ice frozen eternally.
Air over my hand, clouds storming constantly.
Empty it was.
Empty it remains each day.

Glassy eyes, my lifeless porcelain dolls.
Shake it, shake my heart. The silence shatters.
Weeping over memories. They shouldn’t matter.
Storms boil in my chest. Air shatters and fights.
Louder with the sobs, quieter with the calm.
Sleep sneaking into glass eyes. Burning like balm.
Stop blinking.
Cease wandering.
Wandering to the Christmas lights.

Open eyes. Feel another storm. The curtain of wakeness falls.
Hands like paper. Another story. Another day.
Terrified of being alone lest the sadness gives me away.
So pull at the edges, up goes that smile.
Fit me in with the people that aren’t mine.
My stormy dark cloud floating beside sunshine.
Christmas lights blink from afar.
Closer and farther each mile.

Sit down heart. Rest your pain. Yet another day calls.
So walk away. Blink away the sparkle raining from the eyes.
Eyes, those eyes that once courted his fatal love and lies.
Pain shatters through. Brings out the best in me.
A defiant rock. How can shattered feel so strong?
Mind stop now. Been running in circles too long.
Look, the christmas lights.
They never looked so lonely.