‘Detachment’: Avinash Dev


It’s not easy for me to put the genteel screen between us in the name of conduct,

And it kills to behave sane in the wilderness of my love and lust for you


Neither is it easy to hold back from tasting those lips which I always wanted to quench my thirst

And near to impossible to stay afloat in those deep eyes of yours that draws me in like a whirlpool


The eternal fire of love could only be allayed in your bosoms

For the savage in me does not understand the ways of the civilized


Your heat would what can alleviate my fervor and nerves could be cooled when feeling the wetness

Music of your heart is what my ears seek in a world where theres only You and I


Your ear lobes between my lips while we struggle to find our feet

You over me and I over you, fight for who over the top ceases to stop


Take me in and keep me there for I sense heaven

Feel my passion tremors and relieve me from this prison


That’s the mind of the barbarian, who does not see the educated ways

Distance yourself before the devil takes over


In his world there are no strings attached

Better for you if you stay detached



Vol. 2, I-iv & Vol.3, I-i

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