From the Editor’s Desk: Vol. I, Issue 3

Life has been called a unique combination of success and defeat. In fact, both complement each other. If a person has not tasted defeat, he will not be able to enjoy his success. Another aspect is that the bricks of a person’s success are laid on the foundations of the other person’s defeat. It sometimes happens that we lose even if we win. We have a crowning success but the crown seems to be made of thorns at times. All the fame sounds so worthless. In such situations, inspite of our victory some shortfalls are there that don’t let us bask in the glory of our success.
Often we say that hope sustains life. So we lose only when we no longer believe in being tied to the string of hope and we shift our residence to the dark and dreary lanes of dejection and disappointment. Our defeat is not in doing a work in the wrong manner, rather it is when we come to the conclusion that we can never finish that work properly. We are not a loser just because we keep thinking of the past; we lose when in delving into the past we forget to move ahead.
We are not to be considered defeated when our dreams are not transformed to reality; but we are definitely defeated when after crashing of our dreams we stop dreaming. As Dr. Abdul Kalam has said, ‘dream is not something that we see in our sleep, dream is something that doesn’t let you sleep’.
Now let’s take a flight of fancy with wings of literary thoughts and visit a utopian world of poesy, tales and visual delight. Let’s be friends with reading…Wish you a happy journey, flipping through the pages of ‘The Literary Jewels’.

Amritbir Kaur
05 May, 2012

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