‘Faded Blue Sky’ ~Jasmine Sond – Vol. I, Issue 4

Student Speaks



She feels so isolated so invisible, deserted and grey

And you being her friend left her in one corner to decay

She did everything for you stepping out of the boundary

But now she’s the one who is suffering for trusting you blindly


She’s the dumb one, she’s just a fool; don’t you think so?

She’s just a piece of trash, so you throw her out the window

She’s the one caring for others but she never gets anything in return

She makes everyone smile even if on the inside her soul is burnt


She always calls you up even when she doesn’t needs to

How many times has it been when you’ve done the same for her too?

Now she knows what she means to you, which is just equal to nothing

You think she’ll never know about it but unfortunately you’re wrong darling


There are only storms and hurricanes in life, there are no rainbows

And now your little fake show is over, it’s time for the curtains to close

She has learnt her lesson, now she knows that no one in this world is true

And this time she’ll do what she needs to and not what she wants to


Now she won’t let anyone get close enough to her in the first place

Because in the end they only leave scars behind which no one can erase

She’s better left alone; she doesn’t need your sugar-coated friendship

She’s been betrayed too many times, she’s used to loosing her grip


You say she’s too complicated, you’ll probably never understand her

You’ve made her life black and white; you’ve stolen all her color

You don’t notice the loneliness and sorrow that fill her green eyes

Just like a small flower in a dry desert under the faded blue sky

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