‘Farmer’ ~ Ramesh Tibile – Vol. I, Issue 4

Poetic Musings



Zero literate my position

Neither pension nor fund for ration.

Piles problems over problem

Being tired so retired farmer of Nation.

Now, I am old enough

To match with new world

Wasting time watching T. V.

Getting up late displaying dullness,

Eating unwanted “Pizza or Burger”

To invite guest of indigestion.

And ……

Making show of Hi! Fi!

Having no culture to exhibit.

I am happy with my state

Being ignorant of all that.

Go bed earlier to rise so

To develop good practices for health.

I take bath and then tea,

To leave the “House” to darshan God.

Take a full round to see nothing

But to kill my time.

Return again to have lunch

Though no teeth to crunch.

Just lie on bed avoiding sleep then,

So the night no weep.

Everyone cares me grudgingly

Talks with me complainingly.

So I request Thee from my heart,

Let me calmly forever depart.

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