Haiku: Manu Kant

Poetry: Vol. 2, Issue 1



 1) telling my daughter about the Soviet Union-

I begin with

once upon a time


 2) at the opticians–

I switch sides for a better

view of her nose pin


3) Black Skin, White Masks*-

I watch my 8-yr-old dress up

as a Barbie


(*Frantz Fanon 1952)


 4) looking up

from the rubbish bin–

pearly eyes of a ragpicker kid


 5) Marx on hold–

my 8-yr-old daughter

still obsessed with Barbie


 6) 45* heat–

the old rickshaw puller

just a splodge on the landscape


 7) barely on his legs–

the street kid already adept

at hunting

8) God is everywhere–

in my town

panhandlers at every corner


9) you swear by your Santa–

I have seen kid ragpickers

giving our world a second chance


 10) a heart on my cappuccino–

I pour the right amount

of sugar over it


 11) 47th birthday-

my daughter counts the years

I am older to her


 12) a beggar girl

her Cinderella looks–

may some prince find her

13) even for a beggar –

his hands

the most useful


 14) me & my daughter


for just seven years


 15) begging–

the coin melts

in the beggar’s hand

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