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History bears testimony to the fact that art plays a crucial role in life. Art is universal and is everywhere. We experience art on a daily basis from the houses we live in, to the movies we see and to the books that we read. It expresses ideas beliefs in more than one way. It can record the experiences of people. Art pieces have given historians valuable information about the standards of beauty, fashion, society and beliefs of the artist’s time. They can also make statements and provoke serious thought about the current issues. Art immortalizes people, places and events, clearly evident in our vast treasure of paintings and sculptures. A very famous example, are the enchanting frescos depicting life of Lord Buddha at the Ajanta caves.

The critically important role of art in the academy, as in life, is to enable us to see the world and the human condition differently, and in seeing the world through a particular work of art, to see a truth we might not have understood before. Imagination and a sense of discovery are often as important as knowledge. Composing a song, writing a play, creating a painting, or writing a poem forces us to think in alternative ways, to hold different assumptions and to entertain different and often more instructive ways of making connections and ways of looking at all that surrounds us. A good artist advances culture and civilization by provoking thought, introspection, and discussion.

Art can be a key to a child’s mind. Art, being a natural expression, gives children an easy and smooth outlet to express their emotions, ideas and thoughts. Plenty of therapists recommend art as a form of therapy to help children open up and to build self-confidence. It also lends itself to physical development and enhancement of fine and gross motor skills. Children should be encouraged to play and connect with colours and enjoy the radiance of life and hence celebrate their childhood.

Art is a great medium of meditation. Great art can invoke many positive mind states in a viewer. It can ease stress and renew energy. Each time we look at a painting or a sculpture, or watch a good play or movie, of listen to a certain music, it connects us to emotions and inspires us to dive deep within. In this way art can serve as a catharsis, or help us uncover feelings of which we were previously unaware. Colours used on the canvas can bring colour and brightness to our otherwise mechanical and mundane lives. Art makes people happy and happiness is what we all strive for.


Suguna Salhotra


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