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INK PATTERNS logo     We know what it takes to be a writer. It just does not stop at the daunting task of writing. It takes a lot more to be established as a writer. And in this fiercely competitively world the task is all the more difficult!

We at Ink Patterns (a venture of ‘Literary Jewels’) try to make it a bit easier for you and we aim to help you surge forward in the right direction so that your sincere efforts don’t go waste. We take care of all the things from editing, proofreading, providing you with an honest critique to taking it forward to the publisher’s desk and also promoting your book in various creative ways. And with that help you to make a mark as an author finally. Ink Patterns, is a one stop solution for the wannabe writers. At ‘Ink Patterns’ we aim to provide all the services required beginning from the conception of a literary work to its culmination in printed form and we go even beyond that in promoting it. In other words, ‘Ink Patterns’ enables you the benefit of availing services like manuscript assessment, editing, proof-reading, translation, finding a suitable publisher, promotional packaging etc.

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