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KLF is the first annual retreat literary festival of the country. A not for profit initiative, KLF will bring together top authors, thought leaders and opinion makers of the country in Dhanachuli, an enchanting little village in the Himalayas. Blessed with pleasant weather, breathtaking views of the Himalayas, lush forests, enticing fruit orchards and charming people, Dhanachuli is a beautiful weekend getaway from Delhi.

The festival is conceptualised as an innovative and unusual event where rich and deeper discussions will be held over 5 days yet leaving adequate time for participants to laze, go for a picnic, village walk or spend time with children from local schools who are fond of their books. The objective is to facilitate building bond among members of the literary and related community, create associations that will graduate to mentorship.

KLF is planned as deep in content- high in profile and spectacular in format – an experiential and impressionable festival. KLF will invoke emotions as much as thoughts.

About the Founder

Sumant is a corporate and policy lawyer of global eminence; writer, poet, museum curator and a creative entrepreneur. He has founded a number of initiatives to promote art, culture, literature and music. He is founder of a boutique hotel (Te Aroha), a museum (Chitrashala) and a production house (The Speaking Hats).

He is senior international consultant to IMF, World Bank Group and OECD, has worked extensively on policy matters in Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East and South Asia. Rated as India’s No. 1 insolvency lawyer by Legal 500, his contributions to reforms in Indian insolvency system are well-recognised. Sumant has held leadership positions in prestigious multi-lateral, global and national organisations.

He is a frequent speaker at various international and domestic conferences.

Sumant lives in New Delhi with his wife, Asha and two children.

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