‘Masks People Wear’: Divyakshi

masks people wear

A beautiful lie

A hurtful truth

A bitter smile

A fake tear

A deceitful confession

A pretentious obsession

You are unaware

Of the masks people wear


A brilliant show of goodness

Malignant thoughts

An insincere prayer

Nonchalant care

The truth does scare

the masks people wear


Innocent face.

Intentions amaze.

The one who hurts tries to mend

An enemy in the guise of a friend

You stand.. unaware

Of the masks people wear.


Cheatful love.

False words.

Celebrating a win.

Jealous within.

sugar outside.

Spite inside.

You thought its care..

*Sigh*! The masks people wear!


Tumbles one day the pack of lies

Enlightened you realise.

The beautiful picture is morphed..

People don’t change their masks come off.

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