No Cure: Poem

No Cure

By Jessie Sond


This is all wrong but its undoubtedly true

This thing I feel every time I see you

None of this was supposed to happen

But this thing rushes through my veins like poison


I do realize that I’m on the wrong highway

And I know that in the end my feelings will be betrayed

But now I cant help the way I feel

Now its too late, its just too real


There’s no way I can get you out of my mind

I guess now I know why they say love is blind

All I know is that you are cemented in my heart

You’ll always be in my memories even if we’re apart


I don’t know what to do about it

Its not something I can easily quit

You’ve hit me hard just like a bullet

My heart seems like an airplane and you like its pilot


I cant stop dreaming about you

I find you in my thoughts no matter what I do

I cant even hide from it all, I cant run away

I don’t know what to expect anymore, there’s nothing left to say


It seems so wrong but feels so right

Its as warm as a candle on a dark cold night

Your love is toxic but absolutely irresistible

Its just too strong, its more than I can handle


Each time you look at me I feel my heart bouncing

I almost forget how to breathe when I see you smiling

You rule my heart and that’s for sure

Now the love bug has bitten me, there’s no cure

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