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"The truth doesn't need to justify anything, it's the lie that
keeps on continually trying to cleanse itself."
~ Amritbir Kaur


The past stood witness to my present uncertainty while future was evasive. And it is this uncertainty of the present and the evasiveness of times to come that gives birth to poetry and poetic words. The standstill time stays put, the moment doesn’t pass, yet the day is gone. In gathering these moments the life is gone. What gives us a reason to wrap up these bits into one whole is our dreams, the reason to live. Dreams, even while staying silent, speak volumes. Give words to your dreams and they come alive!

Turning the pages of life I find some words half-baked, some half-erased, others half-written. I choose to tell those tales now.
I too have grumbled at bitter loss, have experienced the pain of being a lost winner, my eyes have had tear behind laughter and lips trying to hide pangs of pain. Yet I always believe one should hold on and keep trying to string the fallen beads. In the end, the story of what has been will connect to what will be, though the moorings of the past will never be snapped!


~ Amritbir

Punjabi Poet: Shah Hussein

Poet, weaver, mystic and saint, Shah Hussein created a stir in sixteenth-century Punjab through his unconventional lifestyle and the subversive power of his poetry. Popularly known as Madho Lal Hussein, after he adopted the name of his young lover and disciple, he remains a beguiling, enigmatic figure: a firebrand whose growing fame was a cause for anxiety for the political elite, a Muslim who fell in love with a Hindu boy and won his heart and devotion, a rebel philosopher who found solace in ignominy.

Deceptively simple and astonishingly relevant, the poems in this magnificent collection are charged with longing and offer insight into the true nature of love and death, desire and sublimation. Naveed Alam’s lilting translation brings out the verve and allure of Hussein’s verses which continue to be sung and recited over 400 years after his death.

The Author:

Madho Lal Hussein (1538–99), also known as Shah Hussein, was a weaver by profession and a mystic by vocation. To this day, he commands great reverence as a poet–saint in Punjab. His urs (death anniversary), known as Mela Chiraga’an (Festival of Lamps), continues to be held annually at his shrine in Baghbanpura, Lahore.

The Translator:

Naveed Alam is a poet and translator. His first collection of poems, A Queen of No Ordinary Realms, won the Spokane Poetry Prize, and his works have been published in a number of literary journals and magazines including the Prairie Schooner, American Poetry Journal and Poetry International, among others. He currently lives in Lahore, Pakistan.

Journey from Techie to Novelist

Bombay based Anil Goel is a writer of a rare genre in India. He is passionate about anything associated with technology and enjoys writing tech thrillers. “Exit Point”, which is his second book, was recently launched and is based on real technology but stretches the limits of what are currently available and future possibilities.
He saw a computer for the first time in the Asiatic Supermarket at Churchgate and thus began his lasting passion for computers and anything technology related. Two decades later, he is currently the Vice President of Media and Entertainment for Accenture in Mumbai itself.
Mr. Anil Goel was born in Benaras and grew up in Mumbai. His passion and knowledge for technology is exceptional. He went on to graduate as “the best outgoing student” from his college in the 90s. Anil sees the miracle of technology in everything, including the universe itself and that is what awakened in the form of creative writing around technology.
His first novel “Release 2.0: The Bangalore Imperative” was a first of its kind and was widely appreciated in the media for its fast pace, imagination and understanding of the IT industry. “Exit Point” is a tech thriller that takes us into a dark, mysterious online world where an ancient mystery is finally unraveling after centuries. The investigation into the baffling death of a teenage girl takes on chilling proportions when it turns out that the girl had committed suicide a year ago and snowballs rapidly into a global crisis spreading across all of humanity via the internet.
He plans on writing at least three more tech thrillers in the foreseeable future.

  • Jaipur Book Mark 2016

    Jaipur BookMark, now an established international publishing event in its third year, will once again take place in the Pink City this January, in association with the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival 2016.

    To be held on the 21st and 22nd January 2016 at Biblio Square, Jaipur BookMark (JBM), powered by DailyHunt, is a dynamic forum for the global publishing industry, with seminars, talks and discussions focused on the emerging South Asian books and allied services markets.

    The event also creates a unique platform for publishing professionals from across the world to come together and connect with their South Asian counterparts over issues facing the industry as a whole.

    Jaipur BookMark 2016 is delighted to welcome DailyHunt as an associate sponsor. Over 90 million people in India access eBooks and news in 15 languages through DailyHunt every day. A champion of content in the Indian languages, it is an important player in broadening the diversity of consumption of digital material.

    We are also thrilled that the Oxford Book Cover Prize will be announced at JBM 2016. This award for brilliance in book design recognises the extraordinary work of illustrators, designers and publishers throughout India in making a book stand out from the many others in book stores and online. The prize will be announced on 22 January.

    The 2016 Jaipur BookMark edition will have presentations and workshops running throughout the two days. The workshops will offer those in the industry insights and practical advice around signing contracts and book deals, copyright laws, and translation support with industry experts.

    Translation is the main focus of JBM in 2016. For the first time, Jaipur BookMark is bringing out a Translation Rights Catalogue featuring 8 – 10 titles from across Indian languages for which rights will be made available at the event allowing publishers to pick up new authors and support translation.

    Highlights of JBM 2016

    – Opening keynote by John Makinson, Chairman of Penguin Random House.

    – Translation: Focusing on South Asia, its expanding print and digital publishing industry across languages and cultures. How do we ensure South Asia’s translated stories make it to readers around the world?

    – Technology: With Apps, e-wallets and 4G, how do we optimize technology and opportunity in publishing?

    Forefronting Books: In a crowded market place how do you create and sustain an effective platforms for books? The specialized activity of forefronting books is explored in traditional and new marketplaces.

    – New Frontiers of Narrative: Data, statistics and intuitive innovations inform debate. How do we monetize new media markets? A diverse panel shares insights into new and emergent trends in publishing, hybrid media and the new frontiers of narrative.

    – Ravinder Singh, India’s best-known romance writer, shares his unique and refreshing publishing success story. He discusses a platform set up by him for aspiring authors, which offers mentorship, guidance and the opportunity to publish their work under the Black Ink imprint.

    Namita Gokhale, author and co-Director of the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival said, “This year’s edition of Bookmark brings together many exciting and pertinent aspects of the trade, including a special emphasis on translations. The publishing industry is indeed the heart and core of the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival. It is gratifying to see a significant space emerging for the exchange of opportunities in the dynamic and emergent world of print and electronic culture.”

    Sanjoy K. Roy, Director of Teamwork Arts, Producers of the Jaipur BookMark said, “Jaipur BookMark is a unique opportunity bringing together publishers, agents, festival directors and authors at the back of the annual Jaipur Literature Festival. It is also being developed as a platform for acquiring translation rights across languages and platforming the best Non Fiction and Fiction across Indian languages

    Virendra Gupta, CEO and Founder DailyHunt said, “We at Dailyhunt are excited to be part of 3rd edition of Jaipur Bookmark and we appreciate the effort of bringing Indian and global publishers together on a common platform. We look forward to forging new alliances & partnerships with publishers and opening India’s largest marketplace for e-books to them”

    Neeta Gupta, publisher and co-organiser of Jaipur BookMark said, “Jaipur Bookmark, held in association with the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival, provides a dynamic platform for a meaningful dialogue between traditional publishing and latest technology. DailyHunt is a natural partner. JBM is also a perfect networking opportunity for International Publishers and their South Asian counterparts.”

    Registration for the Jaipur BookMark is now open and is Rs 3,500/- per day or Rs 6,000/- for two days per person (which includes delegate status for the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival specific to the date).