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"The truth doesn't need to justify anything, it's the lie that
keeps on continually trying to cleanse itself."
~ Amritbir Kaur


The past stood witness to my present uncertainty while future was evasive. And it is this uncertainty of the present and the evasiveness of times to come that gives birth to poetry and poetic words. The standstill time stays put, the moment doesn’t pass, yet the day is gone. In gathering these moments the life is gone. What gives us a reason to wrap up these bits into one whole is our dreams, the reason to live. Dreams, even while staying silent, speak volumes. Give words to your dreams and they come alive!

Turning the pages of life I find some words half-baked, some half-erased, others half-written. I choose to tell those tales now.
I too have grumbled at bitter loss, have experienced the pain of being a lost winner, my eyes have had tear behind laughter and lips trying to hide pangs of pain. Yet I always believe one should hold on and keep trying to string the fallen beads. In the end, the story of what has been will connect to what will be, though the moorings of the past will never be snapped!


~ Amritbir

Ranjodh Singh on a mission

ranjodh singhRanjodh did his mechanical engineering, coming from roots of family business, with strong automotive history. Inspite of inherting business values, he has singularly been to carve out a distinct identity for himself not only  carrying his lineage forward but also in the field of Art and Social Work.

He joined as Project Engineer in 1989 in GS Radiators Ltd. And worked in various capacities efficiently. From being the Executive Director in 1992, he came to be Business / Chairman & Managing Director of GST GROUP in the year 2004.

Ranjodh Singh was elected as President of Ramgarhia Educational Council (REC), which runs 6 Educational institutions in Ludhiana as follows:-

    1. Ramgarhia Girls College
    2. Ramgarhia Sr. Sec School
    3. Ramgarhia Girls Sr. Sec School
    4. Ramgarhia Elementary School
    5. Ramgarhia Co-ed high School\
    6. Ramgarhia Swarag Asharam,GT Road,Dholewal.

He is the youngest President of REC and perhaps, of any Punjab university affiliated College. REC is 6 decades old institution and has done commendable work in field of education. It has been providing education to weaker sections of society. REC also manages Gurudwara Ramgarhia and Swarag Ashram.

Ranjodh Singh is presently acting as :-

  1. President- Punjab Lalit kala Academy since feb,2010-feb.2013.
  2. Finance Secretary of Guru Nanak Public School, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana.
  3. Vice President of Punjab & Chandigarh Private College Management Association
  4. Secretary of Neterheen Sangeet Vidhalaya, Anandpur Sahib, which provides free religious education to the blind, handicapped and orphan children.
  5. President of SPIC MACAY-Ludhiana Chapter- the Society for Promotion of      Indian Classical Music Art and Culture amongst Youth.
  6. Member of Archeological Survey of India since May 2007.
  7. General Secretary of Auto Parts Manufacturers Association (India) since 27th September,2009.
  8. Member Senate—Guru Nanak Dev University-2009-2012;..
  9. Chairman –Creativity Council, Ishmeet Singh Music Institute, Ludhiana
  10. Patron- Sankara Eye Hospital, Ludhiana


As if all this was not enough, he is a thorough creative person as far as arts are concerned. He even received the state award for photography on Republic Day, 2004 from the then Chief Minister of Punjab; ‘VIRSA PUNJAB DA’ Award presented by Jagran Punjabi on 12 May,2012 AS “PUNJABI ARTIST OF THE YEAR” in a glittering ceremony; with chief guest-Bhagat Chunni Lal, Minister Local Bodies, Punjab, Sh.Nishikant Thakur and S.Shangara Singh Bhullar. There is a long list of awards he received for his social services too.

He has to his credit some notable and unputdownable wonderful books that include a unique coffee table book ‘Japuji Sahib – Prayer of the Soul’, which is the first ever translation/transliteration of Guru Nanak’s Japuji with photographic illustrations. Then there is a tri-lingual book on ‘Nankana Sahib and Sikh shrines in Pakistan’, a book on Hemkunt Sahib, ‘[email protected] – Original and not so Original Ideas that can change your life’.

The kind of person I have known him is that he is an ever-restless soul, who would want to improve this world with his unique and creative ideas. Venturing out on his bicycle in his cycling group he is carrying forward his pledge to contribute his bit to making this world a better place. Waiting till I hear about his next exciting and wonderful adventure!

I am reminded of Sahir Ludhianvi’s couplet:

Maana ki iss zameen ko na gulzar kar sake

Kuchh khar kam toh kar gaye guzare jidhar se hum

 Ranjodh Singh seems to be on a mission like that…Amen!


Sonia Singh – working on the workout



Book: Workout your Soul

sonia singh


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Tête-à-Tête With The Author:

Age too matters in terms of the number of years of experience we add to our chronological age. Being in mid-forties and working as a Medical Office Manager, Sonia Singh has had a lot exposure by interacting with people from all walks of life, a varied lot. She has been teaching Chemistry for over twelve years and counts her students as her greatest inspiration.

When asked what she looks forward to she gave a humble reply, “Achieving a communion of people who want to strive, like me to remain on the path of goodness.”

“All writers are wonderful beings”, she shared his excitement about his writing and writers. But at the same time one needs to stand apart from the rest of the crowd to carve out a niche for oneself.

When asked what makes her stand apart, she said, “My book ‘Workout your Soul’ is in a way revolutionary as we need to realize that peace comes to you only if you work towards it”.

“Everyone needs soul searching and soul workout regularly for healthy soul cannot be achieved in one day neither by me nor by you”, she added a final piece of advice for her readers and fans too.

Hope you receive her book well…happy reading!

Importance of Art


History bears testimony to the fact that art plays a crucial role in life. Art is universal and is everywhere. We experience art on a daily basis from the houses we live in, to the movies we see and to the books that we read. It expresses ideas beliefs in more than one way. It can record the experiences of people. Art pieces have given historians valuable information about the standards of beauty, fashion, society and beliefs of the artist’s time. They can also make statements and provoke serious thought about the current issues. Art immortalizes people, places and events, clearly evident in our vast treasure of paintings and sculptures. A very famous example, are the enchanting frescos depicting life of Lord Buddha at the Ajanta caves.

The critically important role of art in the academy, as in life, is to enable us to see the world and the human condition differently, and in seeing the world through a particular work of art, to see a truth we might not have understood before. Imagination and a sense of discovery are often as important as knowledge. Composing a song, writing a play, creating a painting, or writing a poem forces us to think in alternative ways, to hold different assumptions and to entertain different and often more instructive ways of making connections and ways of looking at all that surrounds us. A good artist advances culture and civilization by provoking thought, introspection, and discussion.

Art can be a key to a child’s mind. Art, being a natural expression, gives children an easy and smooth outlet to express their emotions, ideas and thoughts. Plenty of therapists recommend art as a form of therapy to help children open up and to build self-confidence. It also lends itself to physical development and enhancement of fine and gross motor skills. Children should be encouraged to play and connect with colours and enjoy the radiance of life and hence celebrate their childhood.

Art is a great medium of meditation. Great art can invoke many positive mind states in a viewer. It can ease stress and renew energy. Each time we look at a painting or a sculpture, or watch a good play or movie, of listen to a certain music, it connects us to emotions and inspires us to dive deep within. In this way art can serve as a catharsis, or help us uncover feelings of which we were previously unaware. Colours used on the canvas can bring colour and brightness to our otherwise mechanical and mundane lives. Art makes people happy and happiness is what we all strive for.


Suguna Salhotra