Poem – ‘Fireflies’: Gyan Ban

Poetry: Vol. 2, Issue 1



When I wait for you in those lonesome nights,

When the sun doesn’t shine ever so bright,

When the moonlight hides somewhere in the skies,

Hope floats in just like fireflies.


When sleep would sulk and eyes sink,

When pillows would fight and dreams shrink,

When the sheets wouldn’t flutter in the skies,

Tears would watch those fireflies.



I ride on horses with flying wings,

And fly away with the melancholy swings,

In a dreamer’s dreams,and touch doesn’t lie,

Floating with the fireflies.


Like the bed-sheet sails, and the wooden box,

The jungle trails,and the lonely rocks.

Like swaying trees,and the caressing breeze,

Dew drops on grass and fireflies tease.


The night’s gone and the dawn is near,

My dreams are over, and the reality is clear.

Mornings never show the day,

But come darkness again,fireflies will light my way.





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