By Atri Majumdar


An indomitable curiosity,

Striving,attaining perfection

And again obliteraring-

A circle of futility

A myriad of explosions,

Outbursts of passion.


Unreasonable yet still seeking

Haunting pleasures undefined

Nights lost in carnality,

Dizzy days-uncanny, superficial;

Intoxicating sleep of nightmares

Grasping time in space.


Vast, infinite, yet constricted,

Returning to etched pains,

Hope burning-flickering stars;

Round and round, again and again

Visions replayed, hallucinating.

Posted in Poetry.


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  2. Well, take this like a grain of salt. I get that you’re talking about a love obsession but I do not believe it nor trust it, Too many cerebral words, no visual data. It’s just that I don’t believe it. Sorry.

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