By Ekagrata Singh


Very fiendish to explain

And don’t know, the bond I had with her

I turned into tears

So as I read

‘She was made ratty by six devils’

Broke the world into forlorn, shirty for the evil

‘Horrific saga occurred in moving bus

Onrush bus passed from posh areas.

Louts came to their line,

Want fracas with her friend

With this, the 27 year and 23 years old girl objected

A consequence made was a threat to her life.

They raped her twice,

Metal rod insertion into her,

Devils not ended with all this, insidious.

The two were thrown side at moving road,

With no coverings

In this chilly winter.

The blood oozed from their wound.

Both were made rushed to hospital.

Trauma was insanitary.

She shifted to Singapore for insatiable health.’

So as I was sleeping in forlorn chilly winter morning,

Running radio, extreme silence

All my ears accepted a voice of a radio

‘She is no more’

The world sobbed and so I too.

But all is

She was a brave heart.

Who passed those thirteen horrible days

Those last thirteen days of her.

Near, far, wherever she is

She will be very happy.

She slept forever.

But in all hearts

She is there.

Yeah! She is still there.

May her spirit lies in harmony.


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