Poem – ‘Confession’: Pawan Jha

Poetry: Vol. 2, Issue 1




I confess that I smoke,

When my determination broke,

And deadly pain amok,

When jumping for a crown,

I slipped and fell down,

Trembling with pain and crawling beneath,

Kissing my lips is the vicious stick.



I confess that I smoke,

When on a sunny day a dysphoric shadow falls on me,

And I don’t want to give it up or let it be,

When chasing after life I fell and hurt my Knee,

Then I took a long puff of smoke to set me free.


I confess that I smoke,

When my heart sinks in the sea of tears,

When my mind swims to escape from fear,

When I want to climb up and forget all rear,

I smell the smoke and my life acts to cheer.


I confess that I smoke,

When my heart screams,

But mouth shuts,

When eyes speak,

But voice struck,

When there are thousand of feeling and very few words,

I burnt my lips and penned it up.


It is said that smoking kills,

But it gives my life a great zeal,

To my wounded heart it acts like a pill,

It cures me and my life and so it will never kill.


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