Student Speaks – Poem ‘Dark Lights’: Baldeep






Christmas lights, blink off the walls.
Shatter, shatter. Shattering me.
Blinking off walls, they look so lonely.
A constant shiver that never melts away.
Like a spine of ice frozen eternally.
Air over my hand, clouds storming constantly.
Empty it was.
Empty it remains each day.

Glassy eyes, my lifeless porcelain dolls.
Shake it, shake my heart. The silence shatters.
Weeping over memories. They shouldn’t matter.
Storms boil in my chest. Air shatters and fights.
Louder with the sobs, quieter with the calm.
Sleep sneaking into glass eyes. Burning like balm.
Stop blinking.
Cease wandering.
Wandering to the Christmas lights.

Open eyes. Feel another storm. The curtain of wakeness falls.
Hands like paper. Another story. Another day.
Terrified of being alone lest the sadness gives me away.
So pull at the edges, up goes that smile.
Fit me in with the people that aren’t mine.
My stormy dark cloud floating beside sunshine.
Christmas lights blink from afar.
Closer and farther each mile.

Sit down heart. Rest your pain. Yet another day calls.
So walk away. Blink away the sparkle raining from the eyes.
Eyes, those eyes that once courted his fatal love and lies.
Pain shatters through. Brings out the best in me.
A defiant rock. How can shattered feel so strong?
Mind stop now. Been running in circles too long.
Look, the christmas lights.
They never looked so lonely.

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