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Issue 4: July – Sept. 2012


One word  ‘culture’ has so much in itself that we sometimes lack words to define that one simple term. Various sociologists have tried their own unique ways to express ‘culture’ in one single all-encompassing definition. On just the surface level, culture is just one thing and a very simple one at that. But it is when we look deep within that we realize that this presumingly simple term ‘culture’ has a whole world in it. it gives us an insight into the way we do things at a particular place or county. For instance, when we say ‘food culture’, we precisely mean the kind of food available and eaten, the way it is cooked and served in a region. Much in the same vein is dressing culture. We have a more comprehensive called ‘social culture’ that includes in its purview all aspects pertaining to the social customs, traditions, food, clothes, habits etc. We have a few terms used such as, technological culture, knowledge culture and information culture. All these are more or less related to our intellectual culture – the kind of technology prevailing in the society at a particular time, the knowledge possessed by human beings and sources from where it is drawn etc.

Then we have a literary culture, which is also typical to the prevailing times. It also depends on political scenario of a country, may be at a specific time period or a happening. We have many historical evidences to that. In the age of Chaucer, rightly called as ‘Father of English Literature’, we can see the influence of many happenings of that time period being reflected in the writings of Chaucer, Gower, Langland and other writers. The incidents that find mention include the black plague, the peasant revolt etc.

By now you must be already wondering about the vast scope of this one compact word ‘culture’. This is not all. Now you can flip through the present issue of ‘The Literary Jewels’, extending upto forty two pages, that is nothing but just an elaboration of all the types of culture. I do hope you read and enjoy this culture special issue. Happy reading! Enjoy!

Amritbir Kaur

Posted in Non-Fiction.

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