Translated Treasures: ‘Wind Era’ (poem)

A poem in Punjabi by  Jaswant Singh Zafar

Translated by Amritbir Kaur


Stone age it was first of all

Of stone tools, stone weapons


Then came the bronze age

Of bronze were garments,

arms and utensils made


Iron age followed then

Man had rupee, dollar and yen

Indecency and vulgarity ingrained in him

Man became poor at times

At times became very rich then

Craftsman here, and a farmer there

Sometimes good, sometimes bad

With many types of trades there

Man, a trader and a worshipper

The iron machine

Man became a superfast runner


This speedy man

Flipped the pages with speed

Wealth age, knowledge age

Computer age, information age

Speedily the list increased


Name of the present era?

Do you know?

This is an age of winds, the ‘wind era’

And the man of this wind era?

Seated atop the wind horses

Trampling and destroying

Some with high airs

Some with egos inflated

Some throw weight around

Some take pride in accepting

Their egos being inflated

Air of some is deflated


Characters build by airs

And images destroyed

Those faces painted on flex boards

Make promises inflated

Rath yatras are undertaken

To build airs about self.

Balloons in air at ceremonies,

People’s revolt to change the winds

And winds of change switch governments.


Columns in newspapers

Channels of communication

All instruments of wind they are.


It is the wind that drives the share markets

Policies are mounds in deserts

And decisions sands

Wind places and shapes them


Winds of change

drive the fashion trends

with winds are carried

discussions and

winds inflate prices

but values deteriorate


Hey! Inhabitants of this wind era

Spare air for your breath

Fly high in the air

But stay grounded too

If you pump up the winds

You’ll be thrown to the winds

Be careful

The inhabitants of wind era.

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