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Dear Readers

It was John Keats, who had said, “If poetry comes not to me as leaves to a tree, it had better not come”. Even William Wordsworth too vouched for the spontaneity in the process of writing poetry. This concept of ‘spontaneous overflow’ has been rejected by modernist poets. Today a lot many poems that are being written are very prosaic. Now being prosaic doesn’t mean that a poem compulsorily needs to follow some particular diction, metre and style. But there are various linguistic techniques that can be put to use to make the poem sound more rhythmical and fluid in style. For instance, first is the use of ‘liquid consonants’ like ‘l’, ‘m’ and ‘n’. Secondly, the use of the technique of ‘alliteration’ adds lots of rhythm to the poetry. And above all, the loftiness and nobility of thought and the grandeur with which it is expressed is what make poetry loftier than prose. The complexity of thought is not a sign of good poetry as might be mistakenly considered by some.

Inspite of everything and the number of poets existing around here, things have come to such a pass that today only selected publishers are ready to take up a poetry project. Loads of poetry is being written but very little is being published. Recently a new trend has picked up. There are many books that are at once a collection of short stories and poetry. I can’t say whether that is a good sign for poetry or bad. There are pros and cons. Although the poetry gets to see the light of being in print this way,  yet what is sad in this scenario is that poetry has to take help of fiction to be in print. Well let’s keep this debate aside for some other day! Let’s enjoy an overdose of poetry in this issue of ‘The Literary Jewels’. This is how we could pay our respect to this celebrated and noble art! Long live the muse!

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